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Announcing: Into the Canyon

I didn’t think I could do it . . . write another book.  When Leah and I started we knew this would be a journey of years, not months.  There is still so much to say.  The River is still resonating so deeply with people.  It’s overwhelming, really.  I’ll be honest.  It is terrifying to pour your heart into something for over a year and put it out there for the masses to either love or trample on.  But we have to be okay with doing the very best work we can, period.  We can’t steward results, just the work that is in our hands to do.  We plow.  We plant.  We don’t make it rain. I can say this for sure, the real joy is IN the work. To create is a great gift.
I’m grateful beyond words that so many have plunged into The River.
Now it is time for you to be swept Into the Canyon.